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Data Driven | Future Focused
How we do It?
We "Collect, Clean and Enrich" your Data using POPI Compliant Data Platforms
 We build “Know Your Customer” visual Data Dashboards
 We identify "like for like" audiences for New Customer Targeting 
 We build “Campaign Focused" marketing Funnels for Increased Engagement 
 We build "Marketing Automation" Platforms to Increase Engagement and Sales Conversion (MAP)
We "Analyse your Campaigns" and keep refining it to the Correct Audience
"We have perfected the recipe of getting the most out of your data without breaking the bank"
How Your Business Can Use It's Own Data and Turn it into Insane Profits Without Much Effort...
Data Visualisation
POPI compliant data dashboard. Be data compliant, It's easier and cheaper than you think...
Know Your Customer
The "Know your Customer" data program will show you exactly what your perfect customer looks like...
Name: Lindi
Age: 28 yrs. old
Income: R 25 000 p/m
Gender: Female
Location: Bedfordview
Property Value: 1,4 Million
Property Status: Homeowner
Marital: Single
Through our scientific data approach, we will help you understand what your customers look like. We start by cleaning and enriching your data and then migrate all the raw data into meaningful and actionable consumer insights. 
Torture the data...
So it is conceivable that data could one day become a business asset that is evaluated and entered onto a balance sheet. This big data age could revolutionise the way we value our companies.
Data-driven marketing refers to strategies built on Insights pulled from the Analysis of Big Data, collected through Consumer Interactions and Engagements, to form Predictions about Future Behaviours. This involves understanding the Data you already have, the Data you can get, and how to Organise, Analyse, and Apply that Data to Better Marketing Efforts.
Are you taking your online & social media strategy seriously?
Our Most Successful Engagement Channels
When you’re able to integrate data insights into your marketing campaigns, you not only make your marketing smarter but you will notice a much higher level of engagement.
SMS Marketing
SMS Digital Flyers
Social Media
Email Automation
Engagement Funnels
What are GAS Funnels ?
According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stick around less than 59 seconds on your website. So, if you don’t capture a user’s attention in less than a minute, you’ve lost them.
Basically, if you haven’t generated interest in 59 seconds, then you probably aren’t going to. 

How do I capture their interest ?  

The solution is our GAS Marketing Automation "Funnels" that are built for if you have got this far in our funnel then we have done our job!! It's that Simple!!
Some client engagement funnels that we are pretty proud of... go take a look.
You've got to make them click. That's the simple answer.
"GAS Marketing Automation has migrated our business into full marketing automation, this has changed the face of our business in just 3 months, absolutely stunning technology"

 Mike Miller | Director | Global Parts
Gary Berman
CEO Plum Solutions (Lead Generation) 
CEO of Geospatial Data Services (10 yrs)
Built one of the Largest Consumer Databases in South Africa - 53 Million Consumers
Founder of Spatialedge | Geospatial Data
12 yrs experience in the SA Consumer Market
Founder of GAS Marketing Automation
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